Richie Benaud Oval to be upgraded for turf wicket cricket!
Date of Event Parramatta District Cricket Club: Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:26PM

Richie Benaud Oval to be upgraded for turf wicket cricket!


In great news for Cricket in Parramatta, the new City of Parramatta Council has approved the development of a Masterplan for Belmore Park incorporating Richie Benaud Oval and committed in principle to the installation of a turf wicket! Funding for both the plan and the wicket has been allocated.


We thank all the Councillors and Council staff for this tremendous step forward for cricket lovers and the Community around Parramatta.


The Oval will be used in summer to host Men’s and Women’s Premier Grade Cricket, Multicultural cricket and Parramatta Cricket Association A Grade.

Winter users, the Parramatta Junior Rugby League Club, and the community users of the Park will also benefit.

The Parramatta JRL supports the replacement of the synthetic wicket with turf.


We look forward to completion of the Park Masterplan and installation of turf facilities at the earliest possible time.


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Council Resolutions were as follows:



(a)    That Council commit $120,000 in the 2019/20 Operational Plan for the development of a Masterplan for Belmore Park (encompassing Richie Benaud Oval) developed in consultation with the community and user groups and including options to establish a turf cricket wicket.

(b)     That Council in-principle commit to establishing a turf cricket wicket at Richie Benaud Oval and allocate a budget of up to $350,000 to enable these works subject to a park Masterplan, confirmation of construction costs and possible funding contributions from the Parramatta District Cricket Club, Cricket NSW and/or other grants of at least 25% of the total cost.

(c)      That Council allocates $60,000 per annum in additional funds to the Parks Maintenance Budget in the 2019/20 Operational Plan ongoing, to cover the additional costs of either in-house or specialist contractor management of the turf cricket area.

(d)     Further, that Council delegates authority to the Lord Mayor and Chief Executive Officer to negotiate a Licence Agreement with the Parramatta District Cricket Club to use Richie Benaud Oval during the cricket season, with the agreed terms and conditions to be presented to Council in a separate report by December 2018.



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Greg Monaghan





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