6-4-18 An update from James Sutherland - CEO Cricket Australia
Date of Event : Mon Apr 9, 2018 3:57PM


An update from James Sutherland


Dear Australian Cricket Fans,

I wish to update you on the actions Cricket Australia is continuing to take in response to the recent events in Cape Town. We recognise the concerns felt by all of you regarding this situation, so I wanted to share these updates with you directly.


As officially announced yesterday, Steve Smith, Cameron Bancroft and David Warner have accepted the charges and sanctions, so no hearings will be required.

These are significant penalties for professional cricketers, and they were not imposed lightly.

We know the players will return to playing the game they love, and in doing so, we are hopeful they will rebuild their careers and regain the trust of you, our fans.

Independent Review

Last week we flagged an independent review to examine the wider context of this event as an important step towards restoring pride in Australian cricket.

The review will examine if any cultural, organisational and/or governance issues should be addressed within Cricket Australia, not exclusive to the Australian men’s teams.

We are currently seeking advice from a wide range of qualified individuals, firms, sporting and other organisations who may have conducted similar reviews, or have relevant experience with these sorts of issues.

We want the review to be completed as quickly as possible, but we are also committed to getting it right. We will take whatever time is necessary to ensure we fully understand the expertise required to conduct such a review, and the procedures it should follow. I’ll share the details with you once we have worked carefully through this process.

We are strongly committed to a culture of inclusivity, supportiveness, accountability, respect, integrity and doing what’s best for cricket, and you, the fans.

Consideration of a player charter

In addition to the independent review, Cricket Australia will initiate a separate player (and former player) driven process to consider a “charter” that sets out standards of behaviour and expectations of Australian men’s teams.

The outcomes from this process will form reference points for the independent review.

Further details will be announced shortly and we will keep you updated on this process as it progresses.

Our focus is on doing all we can to prevent such events from ever happening again, and rebuilding the trust of the cricket community.

I would like to take the opportunity once again to express our gratitude to the Australian public for all the feedback we have received. We have read all your passionate responses and recognise your concerns. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all your submissions, but I can assure you we will continue to do everything possible to restore your faith in the game and address your feedback.

Best regards


James Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer -Cricket Australia

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