Parramatta District Cricket Club – “Take- A- Bow”
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Parramatta District Cricket Club – “Take- A- Bow”

[By Tom Wood – Club Historian]

I thought it was opportune to close-off the Parramatta District Cricket Club’s 2016/17 season with a few positive things for its players and supporter’s to reflect upon and celebrate, and enjoy yet another page in the historical saga of our Club that has continued unbroken since 1843.

The Club:

The 2016/17 season has borne witness that the “Sleeping Giant” of Sydney Grade Cricket is beginning at last to again “arouse from its long slumber” – evidenced by the encouraging performance of its emerging First Eleven (Semi-Finalists in both the coveted Belvidere Cup competition and the Kingsgrove Sports T20 Cup), the winning of the Poidevin-Gray Shield, a Semi-Final placing in the A.W. Green Shield and a move up the Club Championship to 8th spot – and when the beast fully awakens there are “Fields of Challenge” to be conquered beginning with a First Grade Premiership and the Club Championship.

The Club is “ready to go places”, it abounds with talent and potential and has a “Flagship” in its First grade team to lead the way forward for the rest of the club – Parramatta has in its ranks a great blend of gifted rising young cricketers {eg. Tim Ward, Owen Simonsen} buttressed by a batch of talented senior experienced campaigners {Nick Bertus, Brenton Cherry, Ben Martin, Scott Copperfield, Will Affleck, and Adam Turrell, etc.}, plus a thriving Junior Academy  that all proffers well for a rosy future and hopefully 2017/18 will witness further advancement up the SCA rankings in all grades by the Parramatta Club.

First Grade:

The First grade team’s performances in the 2016/17 season did the club proud, and efforts like reaching the gala night under lights at the S.C.G to contest the Kingsgrove Sports T20 Semi-Final, followed the pursuit and attainment of a Semi-Final berth in the First grade Belvidere Cup competition have made the Sydney cricket scene “sit up and take notice” of Parramatta – with the foundations of these achievements anchored primarily by the record-breaking batting of skipper Nick Bertus, ably backed by the determined Will Affleck and the outstanding bowling performances of the opening pair of Ben Martin and Scott Copperfield.

The First grade Semi-Final against the top-placed Sydney University side over last weekend was anti-climactic and disappointing for those expecting an epic match played on suitable quality conditions – the wicket area was top-class, but the condition of the outfield was disgraceful and how the SCA allowed such an important game be staged on the field is very disappointing especially when a mid-week inspection could have easily facilitated a transfer to a more playable alternative ground.

Never the less, with the odds stacked firmly against them – after a mere 75 minutes play on day 1 due to the condition of the outfield (oddly the other Semi-Final at Chatswood staged a full days play) – Parramatta attacked Day 2 with a strong “fighting spirit” and their bowlers spear-headed by the pacy Scott Copperfield (5/66 (29 overs) and his persistent “partner in crime” Ben Martin (3/71 (25 overs) toiled away on the placid wicket against the powerful Uni batting line-up, that included first-class batsmen Ed Cowan, Greg Mail and Nick Larkin, and dismissed the Students for 295 runs made from 99.2 overs – given a near equivalent allocation of overs this was a total Parramatta may have been able to rundown. But it wasn’t to be, the time-reduced match meant that the “Two-Blues” were faced with the daunting and almost impossible task of making 295 runs off some 24 overs – to their great credit the Parra boys accepted the “tilt at the Windmill” and attacked like Don Quixote from the outset, and in the end they “went down slugging” for 181 of a mere 21.1 overs, a wonderful performance considering University’s negative “all men on the boundary” and persistent wide bowling tactics. The aggressiveness of Parramatta’s batting can be gauged by the efforts of the following individuals – Ben Abbott 20 (7 balls), Adam Turrell 25 (23 balls), Nick Bertus 38 (21 balls), Brenton Cherry 33 (23 balls) and Will Affleck 33 (25 balls). All Club Officials, players and supporters at University oval were proud of our team.

Nick Bertus:

What an absolute “block-buster” of cricket season 2016/17 turned out to be for Nick Bertus – his strong-willed and pugnacious left-handed batting reached new heights and he emerged a run-scoring machine smashing three long-standing Parramatta District Cricket Club batting records, over the course of the season he methodically surged past –

  1. – The most runs for Parramatta in 1st grade (all formats) – 858 – set by Bruce Neill in 1974/75.
  2. – The most runs in a season in all grades by a Parramatta player – 917 – set by Terry Walters in 1969/70 – Nick’s new record stands at 942.
  3. – The most runs for Parramatta in the 1st grade Premier Belvidere Cup Competition – 835 – set by John Benaud in 1966/67 – Nick’s new record 838.

Nick’s splendid achievements now place him amongst the upper echelon of Sydney Firs grade batsmen of the current era, and must in turn stand him on the verge of First-class selection – after having also performed solidly in the NSW Futures team this season.

Added to his list of kudos in 2016/17 is the fact that in his first season as captain of the First grade team he led the club to its first Semi-Final appearance since the 1993/94 season. Well played Nick.

Scott Copperfield and Ben Martin:

The wonderful performances of fast bowlers Scott Copperfield and Ben Martin were highly instrumental in the 1st grade team’s rise this season. Not since 1959/60 has Parramatta fielded such a successful pair of opening bowlers – when the steady Ron Mulock captured 49 wickets @ 14.93 and his slippery partner Dave Watson 40 wickets @ 12.95, claiming the SCA Most wickets and averages respectively – all season Ben Martin bowled with accuracy, purpose and a big-heart to garner the reward for his efforts of 45 wickets @ 19.80 (all formats), and Scott Copperfield “came of age” as a menacing fast bowler of genuine pace and hostility snaring 47 wickets @ 23.94 (all formats) – hopefully both these fine bowlers will now catch the eye of the representative selectors.

The continued consistent batting performances of left-handed opener Will Affleck (637 runs – all formats) must also be “mentioned in dispatches” as he provides a stabilizing starch to the batting line-up.

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